How to choose a Houston wedding planner: Things you need to know

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

It is now official... You are getting married. However, you are clueless beyond the dress that you are going to wear and the choice of wedding colors. Planning a wedding is a complex task. Since you do not want any hitches on your big day, looking for a wedding planner is the best decision. You will realize that there are several wedding planners in Houston, but do not just pick any that crosses your mind. Here are a few things you need know.

Types of wedding planners

In-House Coordinator

This is a person working for the church or venue to ensure that everything runs as expected and the facility is given respect that it deserves. He or she may not be of much help outside of the wedding venue, but can assist with little necessities in the wedding. The coordinator may also liaise with another planner or family members.

Full-time wedding planner

This planner will be available to assist you put together everything that you need for planning all your wedding events. The engagement, wedding ceremony, invitation cards, thank you notes and even the honeymoon. Full-time planners take about 10% to 15% of your wedding budget. They are expensive but take a huge load off your back.

"Day of" coordinator

The planner will be available on your day of wedding to handle everything. This is a good choice for simple weddings and if you are working on a tight budget. However, ensure there is a liaison to assist him or in areas he or she may not have access to or aware of.

Characteristics of a good wedding planner


The wedding planner must have academic knowledge about planning weddings and not just events. He or she should give tips and advice on how to take care of everything that concerns your wedding. A planner should be able to coordinate the activities of other wedding suppliers, and any other tasks that may arise.

Ability to listen

Communication is key to success on your wedding day. The wedding supplier must listen to your aspirations and preferences before giving his or her own opinion. Do not hire a wedding planner who is not giving a listening ear or does not remember details discussed in the initial meeting.

Well connected

It's important for such an event planner to be connected to a good caliber of wedding vendors. The wedding planner is most likely to refer you to wedding suppliers who are going to provide other services for your wedding day. They should be quality suppliers. Check every supplier that the wedding planner proposes. If they do not seem to supply quality services, drop everyone including the wedding planner. Furthermore, the wedding supplier should not get commissions from vendors who sell you services. Such a wedding planner might refer you to poor vendors just to get a commission.

Contractual obligations

The wedding supplier will be working on your behalf. He or she should have a contract with you and the vendors. The contract should give the terms of engagement, and the service procured. Keep off from wedding planners who do not commit in writing.

Quality references

The wedding planner should have a verifiable record of accomplishment. Remember, your wedding day will not be repeated. Thus, do not hire a wedding planner that will be experiment on what should be done. Ask for references and call a few at random. Ask about their experiences and make a decision from the feedback.

Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Choosing Your Bridal Party - Tips on How to Make the Big Decision

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Houston wedding planning does not have to be a back-breaking affair. After all, as the bride you are entitled to a little help from your closest friends right? One of the sticky subjects that couples have to deal with is choosing the bridal party. This task is not easy as you have to choose people who will be responsible enough to play the roles they are given. As a couple you need to make proper and smart decisions.

Traditionally, bridal parties mainly consisted of relatives to the couple, coworkers or best friends. However, today you find you have too many viable choices to choose from making it hard to narrow down it down to one core group.

If, as a couple, you having issues nailing down your Houston wedding party, there are a few factors that you need to consider to help you make the right choice:


Consider the possibility of any drama between those you are considering to be in your bridal party. If conflicts were to arise, can you trust them to rise above it and support you on your wedding day despite their differences? If the answer is no, you have to narrow it down to only those who are low maintenance, nurturing and supportive.


Depending on your circle of friends and family there is one or two people that will automatically expect to be chosen to the main characters of the bridal party. It may hurt their feelings when they are not chosen for these roles, but if they are supportive, you can give them other, equally important roles such as ushers or bridal party members on your big day.


You need to select people who are sure to not let you down. They need to be in a position to be on time when called upon, maintain presentable demeanor and represent you well to those you love and know.

The best man and maid of honor should be chosen wisely as these are people who you should be able to rely on when you have issues with preparations, as well as have your back in time of need.

Your needs

A factor to consider during your Houston wedding planning is the size of the wedding party that you are comfortable with. What wedding party size will make both of you feel at ease and happy? It is important that you are careful to avoid falling under the pressures and invite more people than you need to be in your bridal party.

Financial wellness

Participating in a wedding can set one back hundreds, even thousands. You need to be sure that your bridal party choices have the financial resources or that you have the extra cash to cover their expenses. There are bridesmaids who are part of more than one bridal party in a year and it could be difficult for them financially.

Make a list of all those who you want to be part of the bridal part and narrow down your choices to fit the above criteria. For your bridal party to be a success, include only those who you want to share your day with and you are at ease with in stressful situations.

Take your time to select your bridal party as most of the time you cannot go back on your word. If you are uncertain about a choice, then ask yourself how well they will fit in with the rest of the party. If they do not fit, or will make things difficult, then you may be better off leaving them out.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Planning a Bridal Shower: Essential Steps to Ensure a Perfect Celebration for the Houston Bride

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Bridal shower is a joyous occasion for the bride. It is an important time for her as it marks the transition from singlehood to marriage. You want it to be perfect for the bride keeping in mind it is a joyous occasion. Planning of the shower should not be done by the bride’s mother as it is viewed as a gift grab. Therefore as her bride attendant, you should plan it for her keeping her in the loop so you can be sure it meets her expectations.

Create guest list

This is the first step and the bride should help you come up with a list for the shower. It will be ideal to include the future mother in law and the bride’s mother to the list. Additionally, bridesmaids and sisters of the bride and groom should not be left out. 

The other names on the list will depend on the people the bride wants to invite. Be sure that all guests in the guest list are invited to the wedding too. However, it does not mean all the women invited should go as there are brides who like their shower to be small and intimate. A budget is important as it has an impact on the total number of guests invited.

Date determination

Bridal shower date mainly will be determined by the availability of the guests to attend the shower as well as the bride. The best period to have the shower will be between three months and two weeks before the wedding. The shower should fit well with the schedule of the bride as she is still preparing for her wedding.


A theme makes the bridal shower more interesting so it is important to have one. This helps in making planning easier as it guides you when you are choosing invitation cards and decorations. The theme should be in line with the gifts the bride will be asking for.


As you have already settled on the theme, then making a choice for invitations will not be hard. If there are none that are working for you, then you can opt to make your own invitations. Just be sure to include all the relevant information that is location, time and date and indicate the theme too. Have them mailed out at least two weeks before the shower so that the guests can have enough time to make arrangements.

Select food and decoration

At a themed bridal shower, the favors and decorations are very important as they help to set the theme mood. Food should be part of the theme however; if this is not possible then the presentation of the same should be tied to the theme. 

There is no problem if guests are served full diner or lunch or snacks. No matter the theme, it is important that there is a cake.


This is easy and in most cases consists of bridal games. Music in the bridal shower is a permanent reminder fine though it should not be the main thing. It should simply be heard in the background. Games should help the guests interact and get to know each other better. If there are prizes, they should fit the theme too.

On the bridal shower day, have a camera to take photos so the bride can have lasting memories of the fun she had before she got married. Ensure that you capture the faces of all the people present for the bride’s scrapbook

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Why You Should Attend a Trunk Show Before Your Houston Wedding

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

The dress. There may not be any other element for a wedding, besides the groom, as important as the dress. This is the one item of clothing which a bride may obsess over, will dream about and will think back on long after the wedding vows have been exchanged and husband and wife have danced the night away.

Finding the perfect dress can stress out a lot of brides. Heading to the large stores, listening to all of the other brides there, listening to the sales associates and trying to have a clear head can be overwhelming. Houston Trunk shows are a great way to have a private viewing and can make planning a Houston wedding feel like planning a princess wedding.

What Are Trunk Shows?

A trunk show is exactly what you think it would be. This is where designers come, with their collection in tow, in trunks. Designers and brides meet, the lucky girls are able to try on designs, which may not be in the local shop yet, and fashion feedback is exchanged. Trunk shows are often held at department stores or bridal boutiques. Houston wedding planners will have the inside scoop on which designers are showing where.

A Princess Experience

Back in the day, trunk shows may have been the way that high-end brides found their dress. Even today, high society does not have to go to a shop, the shop comes to them. Designers and stylists beg to be in front of Kate Middleton or Kate Hudson, helping create a magic moment in the form of a dress. A trunk show is like a private princess experience.

One of the top benefits is that the bride and the designer meet. Many times, there are dresses which you may only like part of. When meeting with the designer, it is possible that the designer will be willing to custom tailor the dress to the girl. Not only are you now able to find the best dress for your Houston wedding, but it is custom.

Additionally, there are many great wedding stylists on hand at trunk shows. If a bride has any worries about hiding certain features or showing off others, the stylist will be able to point her in the right direction. This knowledge helps make a bride look and feel her best for the big day.

Attending a Trunk Show

When planning your Houston wedding, it can be tempting to get everyone involved. When heading to a trunk show, refrain from inviting everyone. Go to the trunk show with only a few select people. You do not want there to be too many opinions flying around. Additionally, keeping this more of an intimate experience allows it to feel more special and allows the designer and bride a better chance to speak.

When You Have Found The One

Trunk shows are not about pushing the sale. However, many of these dresses are for sale. At trunk shows, there is often a special discount, which can be applied when a bride wants to make the purchase on the spot. If you have found the right dress and are 100% certain, ask for the discount and you could get the right dress at the right price, right from the designer.

If you have not found the dress at the trunk show, do not fret. You may have found a great veil or pair of shoes. Take business cards from the designers you like and let the experience sink in. The right dress is out there.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

To go, or not to go? The Benefits of Attending a Bridal Show Extravaganza in Houston

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

January and February are big months for bridal shows. Perhaps this is due to all of the couples who have gotten engaged over the December holidays. With all this love in the air, it is time to find the right vendor, dress, reception hall and entertainment. Here are the top ten reasons to head to The Houston Bridal Extravaganza and other bridal shows like it.

Bridal Shows Help You Think of Everything

Seeing all the vendors in one place can help you see all of the details of wedding planning at once. You may be really excited about the dress and the band, but forgot about the isle runner and the napkins. At a bridal expo you will be able to see everything, so be sure to take notes.

Now is the Time to Network

At The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you will meet many great wedding planners in Houston. These are the folks in the know who can secure the best venue and get you the best deal. Chat up wedding planners in Houston and see who you have the best chemistry with.

Find Great Planning Tools

A great tip when planning a wedding is to put together a wedding binder. This is the place to keep every business card, magazine clipping and brochure. At the Houston Bridal Extravaganza, you will walk home with tons of literature and DVD's to help you make an informed choice.

See the Movement in the Dress

Usually, fashion shows are a sea of white on the runway. This year, at The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you will be treated to the addition of the South Asian Fashion Show. Dresses in a myriad of colors will fill the runway with vibrant joy.

Get Away Without Going Away

Many wedding planners in Houston are available to help you plan a destination wedding. From Hawaii to Paris, you will be able to think about getting away without having to go see these places before the wedding day thanks to travel agents in attendance.

Find Out the Hidden Cost

In magazines, it often says price available upon request. One of the things which great wedding planners in Houston will be able to help you with is the budget. At The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you get to meet planners and vendors. When you meet with these folks in person you can get the low down on any of the hidden wedding costs.

Consider Unique Wedding Ideas

It is easy to search Pinterest for exactly what you want. At a bridal show, you may see things you never realized were out there. This is the place to be open to ideas. You never know what some of the creative wedding planners in Houston will have to show you.

Sampling Everything

With wedding planning you may think about sampling cakes, but at a wedding expo you can sample everything. From different wedding planners in Houston to the varied styles of photographers, everyone on hand will be ready to show you samples of their work.

Be Inspired

Even if you do not find what you are looking for on the day of the event, you will find lots of inspiration. Make this a fun day spent with your bridesmaids without the pressure to make any permanent decisions. A bridal expo is one big day of window shopping.

A Beautiful Beginning

This is your first step in a dream day. Make an appointment with us and we will show you how to make everything a reality. Attending a bridal show gives you the chance to see why we are one of the top wedding planners in Houston.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

The Benefits of Wedding Planning Services

Posted on Monday, October 20, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

There is nothing more important than choosing the best wedding planning services to organize and coordinate your special day. Not only will they ensure you have every detail planned right down to the precise color and font choice, but they will also make your wedding one that will be a lasting memory. 

Your wedding event coordinator should work one-on-one with you regularly to create a plan that not only meets your specifications, but also helps you create the wedding of your dreams. The event coordinator should also help with planning a wedding shower.

Surfing through each website as you conduct your research will bring forth a plethora of gorgeous photographs showcasing each of these event planner’s previous work, as well as examples of work they can produce for you. If you are stumped for ideas, this is a great place to start. Not only will you ensure that these wedding planning services, planning a wedding shower, wedding event coordinator, wedding event planner will meet your needs, but you will also be put in touch with the best in the area.

Some of the services provided include helping the bride with the selection of her dress, organization of the bridal registry, helping with bridesmaids dress selections, planning budgets, decisions regarding the menu and which caterer to choose, and what type of decorations to use. Additional services include arrangements for destination weddings, engagements parties, and the entertainment during the wedding reception.

Do you need etiquette advice? Your wedding planner will help you with that. Are you concerned about what will happen when gifts start arriving? Your wedding coordinator can help make arrangements for them. Are you overwhelmed by all the options for custom printing on paper, linen choices, favors, invitation designs, and floral designs? Your wedding event planner will help put all of these puzzle pieces together and take all the stress out of your big day. 

By contacting any of these wedding planners or wedding event coordinators, be it by visiting their website or contacting them by phone, you are taking the right step toward bringing your wedding planning dreams to reality. Not only will you be put in tough with the best possible event planners in the area, but they will ensure that every detail of your special day will be met in a professional and timely manner. It's essential that you research each of the wedding planning services, planning a wedding shower, wedding event coordinator, wedding event planner prior to making a final decision.

10 of the Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Houston

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

There is nothing that an inside wedding ceremony can do to match the awe and wonder of a large outdoor space that is constantly changing. Finding just the right venue for your nuptials can be overwhelming when faced with the very large number of spaces perfect for this occasion. A few of these, in the greater Houston area, should help you pin down that special location to remember for years to come.

For many different reasons, 10 of the best outdoor wedding venues in this part of The Lone State:

Kemah Gardens

1019 Lewis Drive
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 334-0501

With a pavilion that can seat 150 guests, Kemah Gardens and its four hidden acres is just right for any event, formal or casual. If not everyone has to be seated at once, 500 can gather for the celebration you may have dreamed of.

Agave Estates

1138 FM 1463
Katy, TX 77494
(281) 395-5070

On the grounds of a private estate that has, as its purpose, to take you back to a simpler time, Agave Road has all of your needs for an outside as well as an inside celebration covered with grace and style.

Butler's Courtyard

122 Michigan Avenue
League City, TX 77573
(281) 557-5551

With several areas for your wedding, including the Courtyard, itself and the Gazebo and Water gardens, this is truly Historic Elegance. 100 year old trees look down on the event making this a space to entertain the entire family and their families.

April Sound Country Club

1000 April Sound Blvd.
Montgomery, TX 77356
(936) 588-1101

Right on the beach of Lake Conroe, April Sound Country Club is more than a place for people to meet and enjoy themselves. This outdoor wedding venue has all of the trappings of tasteful indulgence with a full service banquet set up just for you.


6632 Harrisburg Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011
(713) 926-7265

Marbella is one of the most perfect Mediterranean treats. This unique village styled area, complete with Cantera stone waterfalls and decorative wrought iron styling makes a beautiful back drop for the beauty taking place under the arches.

Ashlynn Manor

25276 Nichols Sawmill Road
Magnolia, TX 77355
(281) 252-3355

With over 25 acres of wooded area, you can have a grand selection of back drops. Want an old farm house in the image you take away from here? That can be set up. Need a forest as a scene setter? This is easy to make happen.

5226 Elm

5226 Elm Street
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 529-2500

Whether outside under the sky or inside in a room tall enough to imagine it is outside, 5226 Elm is the venue that is as flexible as it is beautiful and ready for your celebration.

Shirley Acres

217 Woerner Road
Houston, TX 77090
(281) 444-2582

Shirley Acres, along Cypress Creek, boasts 13 acres of wedding and reception areas that have towering Oaks as witnesses to hidden beauties in this secluded spot. Personal service for as many as 400 guests in casual to formal elegance is what is offered.

Waterpoint Lakeside Venue

15264 Highway 105W Suite B
Montgomery, TX 77356
(936) 597-7700

Whether your guests, or you, arrive by car or boat, this beautiful place next to Conroe Lake is made for saying “I do!” Overlooking the lake or within an elegant dining room with all the trimmings, this is a venue that must be explored.

Star Fleet

280 Grove Road
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 334-4692

150 of your closest friends and family can join you on the water for a celebration that will get some people's imagination running.

12 Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

Finding a wedding venue isn’t just about searching for venues in your area, finding the prettiest setting and booking it (although that’s part of it!). There are lots of questions that you must ask before you sign a contract. Here are the things you need to know before booking a wedding venue.

Is the venue available on my target date?  If you have a specific date in mind, find out if the venue has availability then. If not, you’ll either have to move on or be flexible when it comes to selecting a date. If you’re flexible about your wedding date, this will be less of an issue.

How much does it all cost? 
You’ll probably get a price quote, but what does that include? Make sure you’re aware of all fees before you sign your contract.

Is the location convenient? 
Will your guests be able to easily travel to the location? If the wedding is in your hometown or a city that’s easy to travel to, that shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re hosting a destination wedding in a far-off location, you’ll have to accept that elderly guests or those who may have trouble traveling won’t be able to attend.

What is the capacity? 
This is a big one – many venues have strict capacity rules and regulations, so if you think that your guest count is going to be too high, then you might want to look for a different venue or consider trimming your guest list. You also don’t want to have too few guests in a large space – the venue will just look empty!

What does it look like? 
The answer to this question will probably be instantaneous – could you picture yourself getting married here? Does it fit your style? If you wanted a rustic-style wedding, an elegant hotel in the city might not work. And if there are architectural or décor aspects to the venue that you hate and cannot be removed, can you live with them?

How much work will we have to put into decorating it? 
Some venues, like ornate hotel ballrooms, come with the décor built in, for the most part so you won’t need to add too much. However, venues like barns or lofts will need a ton of added décor – which is both time-intensive and can be expensive.

What is the catering situation? 
Is the catering in-house or will you need to bring in an outside caterer? Make sure you’re happy with the food situation – both taste and presentation – before you book.

Can I hold the ceremony here? 
If you’re planning on getting married in a house of worship or different location, this shouldn’t affect you. But, if you’d like to hold your ceremony and reception in the same place (a convenient and budget-friendly move), you should make sure that’s a possibility.

Is there a coordinator on staff? Who will be my main contact? 
Be sure you speak directly to the person you’ll be working with on your wedding day before you book. You want to make sure you have a good rapport with him or her and feel comfortable with him or her before moving forward.

Is there a list of approved vendors or can I use any vendors I wish? 
Some venues restrict the vendors that can work in their site. If this is the case, you’ll need to make sure you’re comfortable with the approved vendors before moving forward. Remember that using approved vendors can also be a money-saver.

What’s the rain plan? 
If your venue of choice has a beautiful outdoor setting, that’s great, but you’ll need to make sure that you’re equally happy with the indoor space in case of inclement weather. And don’t take “it never rains” as an acceptable answer when you ask to see the indoor space – anything can happen, so be prepared!

Consider guests’ convenience. 
What is the bathroom situation? How’s the parking? Is there climate control? Are there a lot of stairs? Think about your wedding from a guests’ perspective – are there aspects of the venue that would affect your guests’ comfort? These items can be deal-breakers, so be extra careful.

By Caitlin (Feb 19, 2014) "12 Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2013, by Patricia Reyna

When it comes to selecting your wedding dress, there are three important criteria – that the gown flatters your figure, suits your style, and fits your budget. With thousands of dresses out there, the first two shouldn’t be too difficult, but sticking to your budget can be tricky. Here are five of our top money-saving tips for wedding dress shopping.

Sample Sales: Most gown salons have sample sales to get rid of older gowns and make room for new ones. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a designer wedding gown at a discounted price. This works particularly well if you’re a size 8 to 12, as most sample gowns are in that size range. Check out our Events Calendar to find a sample sale near you.

Trunk Shows: If there’s a designer that you love, look on their website and find a trunk show near you. Often, gowns from a featured designer are discounted during a trunk show – usually around 10 percent – plus you’ll be able to see exclusive gowns that aren’t normally carried in stores. Check out our Events Calendar to find a trunk show near you.

Be Honest: Before you start trying on dresses, tell your consultant your budget – and be firm. Ask the price of each dress before trying it on. If it doesn’t fall within your price range, move on to the next. You don’t want to fall in love with a gown that you can’t afford – so don’t even let it become an issue.

Go Simple: The more beading and embellishments a wedding gown has, the more expensive it will be. Instead, look for dresses that don’t have a lot of adornments and add a sparkly sash or brooch if you need a little extra sparkle.

Limit Alterations: If you’re shopping at a sample sale, don’t assume that it’s more cost effective to buy a gown that doesn’t fit and get it altered. Major alterations can cost more than the dress if you’re not careful! And also, choose a gown that you love pretty much as is with limited customizations. Adding straps, changing a silhouette, changing a color – all of these changes can add up.

How did you save money on your wedding dress? Share with us in the comments!

by Kim (Oct 01, 2013) "5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress"

Neon Wedding Inspiration

Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2013, by Patricia Reyna

Obviously neon isn’t for everyone — but done in moderation, it can be exactly what you need to punch up your color palette. (Imagine how cool a pop of color would look as a backdrop to your wedding cake, or how fun it would be to change out your shoes for a pair of neon yellow Jimmy Choos!) So much more inspiration below… Plus, in honor of Electric Zoo this weekend (a 3-day electronic dance festival in NYC), we asked DJ Brendan Fallis to put together the perfect after-party play list. Your guests will have no excuse not to be on the dance floor.

By: Jamie Miles (October, 31, 2013) "Neon Weeding Inspiration"