Sweet 16 Party Planning: 7 Things You Need

Posted on Thursday, February 12, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

“Sweet sixteen” only comes once, and therefore is a significant moment in every young adult’s life as they usher in adulthood. Sweet 16 party planning may be quite hectic considering that it is not like other parties. However, this post will detail some crucial elements of sweet 16 party planning, so that you are sure to not miss a beat.

1. Venue

The venue dictates what kind of a party you will have. The sweet sixteen decorations, food, look and cost - all depend on the venue. Book a venue that will be flexible enough to accommodate various themes as well as all your invited guests.

2. Themes and Color

Themes and colors can either make or break your sweet sixteen party. Make sure the colors you choose will fit well into your theme. Make sure the colors are festive and compliment each other. You can opt to choose pink and black or pink and green as well as brown and blue or red and black.

Lights are also a key partner to sweet 16 party planning. They can turn your party from boring and dull into an electrifying party. Your event planner can help you make a choice of lighting that will match well with the colors. Have some custom slideshows, as well as lights that project your name on the walls and roofs. Sound activated lights will make your party lively and superb.

3. Right Entertainment

Entertainment is the back bone of the party. You can make your party rock by getting a great sweet sixteen DJ or band. A good DJ will have all the latest hit songs as well as the charisma to keep your partying friends entertained till dawn.

4. The Cake

What is a party without a cake? While you could pick a cake from your local grocery store, a custom-made cake from a bakery will marry with the theme and color of the party.

5. Photography

Do you want to keep your sweet sixteen memories? Then photography should be on your to-do list. Free yourself up to make rather than capture memories by hiring a photographer to take the photos for you.

Today, most of the teens are swiping trendy smartphones that can as well be up to the task. Consider using your smartphone to take the photography as well as take video of the important activities in the party.

6. Grand Entrance

How do you want to enter the party? Do you want your favorite song to be playing? Try out a VIP grand entry complete with red carpet and paparazzi. You will need some jewelry to complement the occasion and look like a real celebrity.

7. After Party

What's next after party? You can opt for hotel rooms. Or rather, have a sleepover at your house complete with more soft drinks, foods and movies.

You will also need a solid plan outlined and followed to the letter. Visit with an event consultant and make the plan together. Remember to account for everything in the plan. Review the plan a week or two before the party date to ensure everything is in place for you to enjoy your perfect day.

Best Houston Dress Stores for Coming of Age Birthday Celebrations

Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

Trying to locate the perfect dress for a milestone coming of age birthday party? If you’re trying to find something special for your Quinceañera celebration or Sweet Sixteen party, Houston has a lot to offer.

From Memorial City to Cypress, here are some of the best dress stores in Houston for formal occasions.

Camille La Vie

Memorial City Mall
809 Memorial City
Houston, TX 77024

Not only does this store carry Sweet Sixteen and Quinceañera dresses, it also has a wide range of prom dresses and regular formal dresses. Just in case you’re not sure you want to go with a traditional dress, they have you covered with the dresses, shoes, and accessories needed to make your party everything you could possibly dream of.


10300 Louetta, Suite 120
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 251 – 5000

With over 40 brands to choose from, Muzzie’s offers a huge selection of formal dresses. If you’re looking for short dresses, they have an abundance of cocktail dresses that fit the bill. But their specialty is long formal dresses. The price range is excellent for any budget. Whether you’re after something that sparkles or captures old Hollywood glamour, you won’t be disappointed.

Eesh Formals

15440 Ridge Park Drive
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 855 – 3377

Eesh’s website contains links to the sites for the brands it carries. As they say, if they don’t have it in stock, they’ll order it for you. So go ahead, look through their brands and find that perfect dress. No matter your taste, you can find something you love in store. If not, let them order it for you. Should you choose to have the dress ordered and shipped to the store, be prepared to wait six to eight weeks for delivery.

Glitz Formals

20036 Hwy 59 North
Humble, TX 77338
(281) 251 – 5000

Glitz Formals carries the latest designs from the hottest designers, including many that were advertised in Teen Prom and Seventeen Magazine. With dresses for everything from sweet sixteen parties to prom, there’s no shortage of dresses to choose from.

Formal Gallery

1712 Hwy 6 South
Houston, TX 77077
(218) 870-9771

Formal Gallery has been serving the dress needs of the Houston area since 1980. With a large selection of dresses to choose from, many at discounted prices, it’s a great store to discover that perfect look. And, if you don’t see something you love online, you’ll be happy to hear that there are many more choices available in store.

At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important milestone in your life. While you’re driving all over Houston trying to find the perfect dress, we can help you take care of the other details. Contact us for a complimentary event consultation, and we can discuss ways to make the event truly unforgettable.