Choosing Party Favors for a First Communion in Houston

Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

First communion party favor ideas If you're throwing a first communion in Houston, understanding how to choose communion party favors is an essential part of the party planning.  The first communion party favors you pick out will not only reflect the theme of the party, but also serve as a keepsake for everyone in attendance.

But even more than that, it serves as a connection from you to the child who is having their first communion in Houston.  Just imagine how special it will be to present your loved ones with their communion party favors 15 years from now and have it mean something to you both - that's the power of choosing the right first communion party favors.


How to Pick Out Party Favors for a First Communion in Houston

To help you get started, here are a few great tips for picking out the best communion party favors to have the most memorable first communion in Houston, Texas!

  • Is it for a boy or girl?

     The first factor to take into consideration is whether the communion is for a boy or girl.  The typical "pink" and "blue" themes might apply here and it's best to talk with the parents if you aren't them.  If your child is the one receiving first communion in Houston, the choice is all yours (this applies with the rest of the choices as well).
  • Does the party have a color theme?

    Another factor to take into consideration when choosing first communion party favors is the color scheme of the hall or decorations. Matching everything together brings an overall feeling of unity, an important emotion during such an important religious and family event.
  • Is this more traditional family or modern with friends?

     The types of communion gatherings that people have differ from family to family.  A more traditional communion with older family members and the like will generally have more standard first communion party favors such as crosses, name cards, pillows and angels. A more modern communion gathering consisting of mostly friends and a younger crowd might get a little more experimental with their first communion party favors, straying a bit from the typical religious themes for a more secular or non-denominational keepsake.
  • What nationality is the family?

     Another popular theme for communion party favors is tying them in with the nationality of the family. Italian flags and other colors representing the baby's background are a great way to tie the past in with the future while keeping a part of your heritage alive.

How Would You Want Your First Communion Remembered? 

If you are still at a loss for ideas, think about how you would have wanted your first communion to be remembered.  What party favors would you have liked to have seen years later to get a sense of who was there, what kind of gathering it was and what was important to your parents?

These questions will help put you in the right frame of mind to make the best decision on what types of first communion party favors to pick out.  Then, when you have a good sense of what the first communion you are planning will be like, go with your gut and choose the best party favors you can - as long as it comes from the heart, it will be a memorable time for all parties involved.