Five Ways to Incorporate Guests into Your Baby Shower

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

Traditionally, baby showers are all about the mother (considering that the actual guest of honor has yet to be born). But if you’re the type who wants to make sure that your friends and family feel just as important as you do, here are five fun ways that you can incorporate them into your Houston baby shower. 

Who’s That Baby?

Invite guests to bring one of their favorite baby pictures to the shower. As they arrive, number each guest’s picture and attach them to some sort of creative display, such as poster board, corkboard, clothesline, etc. Have everyone weigh in on who they think is who.

Favorite Baby Books

Have guests bring their favorite childhood book for your little one’s first library. Ask for them to write a special inscription and share why it’s special to them as well as their fondest memory reading it. 

Name That Baby

Whether or not you have decided on a first or middle name, it’s fun to let your guests weigh in.  Have everyone write their favorite suggestions on pieces of paper and read them out loud before opening gifts. 

2 Cents

Have guests provide you with their two cents when it comes to children. Whether it’s advice, well wishes, a quote, or a joke, these sentimental notecards are great keepsakes for both you and your baby. 

Baby Bingo

Involve your guests in the gift-opening portion of the shower by letting them play along. Give out bingo-style cards where guests can fill out the squares with the types of gifts they think the mom might be receiving. With each opened gift, players can check off their corresponding squares. Whoever predicts the most gifts correctly, receives one of their own.  

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