Planning a Bridal Shower: Essential Steps to Ensure a Perfect Celebration for the Houston Bride

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Bridal shower is a joyous occasion for the bride. It is an important time for her as it marks the transition from singlehood to marriage. You want it to be perfect for the bride keeping in mind it is a joyous occasion. Planning of the shower should not be done by the bride’s mother as it is viewed as a gift grab. Therefore as her bride attendant, you should plan it for her keeping her in the loop so you can be sure it meets her expectations.

Create guest list

This is the first step and the bride should help you come up with a list for the shower. It will be ideal to include the future mother in law and the bride’s mother to the list. Additionally, bridesmaids and sisters of the bride and groom should not be left out. 

The other names on the list will depend on the people the bride wants to invite. Be sure that all guests in the guest list are invited to the wedding too. However, it does not mean all the women invited should go as there are brides who like their shower to be small and intimate. A budget is important as it has an impact on the total number of guests invited.

Date determination

Bridal shower date mainly will be determined by the availability of the guests to attend the shower as well as the bride. The best period to have the shower will be between three months and two weeks before the wedding. The shower should fit well with the schedule of the bride as she is still preparing for her wedding.


A theme makes the bridal shower more interesting so it is important to have one. This helps in making planning easier as it guides you when you are choosing invitation cards and decorations. The theme should be in line with the gifts the bride will be asking for.


As you have already settled on the theme, then making a choice for invitations will not be hard. If there are none that are working for you, then you can opt to make your own invitations. Just be sure to include all the relevant information that is location, time and date and indicate the theme too. Have them mailed out at least two weeks before the shower so that the guests can have enough time to make arrangements.

Select food and decoration

At a themed bridal shower, the favors and decorations are very important as they help to set the theme mood. Food should be part of the theme however; if this is not possible then the presentation of the same should be tied to the theme. 

There is no problem if guests are served full diner or lunch or snacks. No matter the theme, it is important that there is a cake.


This is easy and in most cases consists of bridal games. Music in the bridal shower is a permanent reminder fine though it should not be the main thing. It should simply be heard in the background. Games should help the guests interact and get to know each other better. If there are prizes, they should fit the theme too.

On the bridal shower day, have a camera to take photos so the bride can have lasting memories of the fun she had before she got married. Ensure that you capture the faces of all the people present for the bride’s scrapbook

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