How to choose a Houston wedding planner: Things you need to know

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

It is now official... You are getting married. However, you are clueless beyond the dress that you are going to wear and the choice of wedding colors. Planning a wedding is a complex task. Since you do not want any hitches on your big day, looking for a wedding planner is the best decision. You will realize that there are several wedding planners in Houston, but do not just pick any that crosses your mind. Here are a few things you need know.

Types of wedding planners

In-House Coordinator

This is a person working for the church or venue to ensure that everything runs as expected and the facility is given respect that it deserves. He or she may not be of much help outside of the wedding venue, but can assist with little necessities in the wedding. The coordinator may also liaise with another planner or family members.

Full-time wedding planner

This planner will be available to assist you put together everything that you need for planning all your wedding events. The engagement, wedding ceremony, invitation cards, thank you notes and even the honeymoon. Full-time planners take about 10% to 15% of your wedding budget. They are expensive but take a huge load off your back.

"Day of" coordinator

The planner will be available on your day of wedding to handle everything. This is a good choice for simple weddings and if you are working on a tight budget. However, ensure there is a liaison to assist him or in areas he or she may not have access to or aware of.

Characteristics of a good wedding planner


The wedding planner must have academic knowledge about planning weddings and not just events. He or she should give tips and advice on how to take care of everything that concerns your wedding. A planner should be able to coordinate the activities of other wedding suppliers, and any other tasks that may arise.

Ability to listen

Communication is key to success on your wedding day. The wedding supplier must listen to your aspirations and preferences before giving his or her own opinion. Do not hire a wedding planner who is not giving a listening ear or does not remember details discussed in the initial meeting.

Well connected

It's important for such an event planner to be connected to a good caliber of wedding vendors. The wedding planner is most likely to refer you to wedding suppliers who are going to provide other services for your wedding day. They should be quality suppliers. Check every supplier that the wedding planner proposes. If they do not seem to supply quality services, drop everyone including the wedding planner. Furthermore, the wedding supplier should not get commissions from vendors who sell you services. Such a wedding planner might refer you to poor vendors just to get a commission.

Contractual obligations

The wedding supplier will be working on your behalf. He or she should have a contract with you and the vendors. The contract should give the terms of engagement, and the service procured. Keep off from wedding planners who do not commit in writing.

Quality references

The wedding planner should have a verifiable record of accomplishment. Remember, your wedding day will not be repeated. Thus, do not hire a wedding planner that will be experiment on what should be done. Ask for references and call a few at random. Ask about their experiences and make a decision from the feedback.

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