6 Christmas Party Activities That Are Sure to Entertain

Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

There is simply no better time to be around family and friends than around the holidays. While most get-togethers are just ad hoc affairs, it doesn't hurt to plan a few activities to get everyone in a festive mood. Here are just a half-dozen suggestions for some things to do at your next Christmas gathering:

  1. Fill the Stocking

    Best done outdoors or in a room with lots of space, separate guests into several teams and have them compete to fill up a Christmas stocking with small easily dropped candies using only a spoon.

    We recommend jellybeans, M&Ms, Skittles, or peppermints. Teammates trade off the spoon after every successful “drop” into the stocking.

  2. Christmas Carol Charades

    Have you ever tried to act out Jingle Bells? Surprisingly difficult at first –– this game gets far more competitive and fun as the names become more obscure. 

    It is also a great way to include the kids as they all know the names to the most famous carols. Start off easy and save “Adeste Fideles” for the end.

  3. The Photo Booth

    Admittedly, this takes a little effort to set up but you will almost always find a willing photographer – otherwise get Dad to do it.

    All you need are a few props – we recommend lots of tinsel, Santa hats, and a fake reindeer. 

    Set up a background in an area a little out of the way to take some spectacular Christmastime snapshots.

  4. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

    A seasonal spin on the old pin the tail on the donkey game, this activity is great fun for the kids but can get a little out of control later in the evening when the “eggnog-inspired” adults want to take part.

    One word of advice, forget the actual “pin” and go with a magnet-backed nose instead.

  5. The Cheesy Christmas Tie Game

    Have everyone bring their cheesiest holiday-themed tie. Divide guests into teams of two – a man and woman please – and have them compete against the other teams to see who can “tie the tie” the quickest.

    Both teammates must do it for the win. One word of warning, though ... you'll be surprised at how much better the women are at this than the men.

  6. Name that Carol

    At the beginning of the party, provide a list to every person with a few well-chosen words (not the title) from a multitude of Christmas carols.

    There are plenty of excellent lists on the Internet. Later on, give away a trinket or two to the person who has correctly named the most song titles.

For more creative ideas for your Houston holiday party planning, please visit us at Per Se Events. We can be found online at PerSeEvents.com or reached directly at 281.236.4708.


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