How to choose a Houston wedding planner: Things you need to know

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

It is now official... You are getting married. However, you are clueless beyond the dress that you are going to wear and the choice of wedding colors. Planning a wedding is a complex task. Since you do not want any hitches on your big day, looking for a wedding planner is the best decision. You will realize that there are several wedding planners in Houston, but do not just pick any that crosses your mind. Here are a few things you need know.

Types of wedding planners

In-House Coordinator

This is a person working for the church or venue to ensure that everything runs as expected and the facility is given respect that it deserves. He or she may not be of much help outside of the wedding venue, but can assist with little necessities in the wedding. The coordinator may also liaise with another planner or family members.

Full-time wedding planner

This planner will be available to assist you put together everything that you need for planning all your wedding events. The engagement, wedding ceremony, invitation cards, thank you notes and even the honeymoon. Full-time planners take about 10% to 15% of your wedding budget. They are expensive but take a huge load off your back.

"Day of" coordinator

The planner will be available on your day of wedding to handle everything. This is a good choice for simple weddings and if you are working on a tight budget. However, ensure there is a liaison to assist him or in areas he or she may not have access to or aware of.

Characteristics of a good wedding planner


The wedding planner must have academic knowledge about planning weddings and not just events. He or she should give tips and advice on how to take care of everything that concerns your wedding. A planner should be able to coordinate the activities of other wedding suppliers, and any other tasks that may arise.

Ability to listen

Communication is key to success on your wedding day. The wedding supplier must listen to your aspirations and preferences before giving his or her own opinion. Do not hire a wedding planner who is not giving a listening ear or does not remember details discussed in the initial meeting.

Well connected

It's important for such an event planner to be connected to a good caliber of wedding vendors. The wedding planner is most likely to refer you to wedding suppliers who are going to provide other services for your wedding day. They should be quality suppliers. Check every supplier that the wedding planner proposes. If they do not seem to supply quality services, drop everyone including the wedding planner. Furthermore, the wedding supplier should not get commissions from vendors who sell you services. Such a wedding planner might refer you to poor vendors just to get a commission.

Contractual obligations

The wedding supplier will be working on your behalf. He or she should have a contract with you and the vendors. The contract should give the terms of engagement, and the service procured. Keep off from wedding planners who do not commit in writing.

Quality references

The wedding planner should have a verifiable record of accomplishment. Remember, your wedding day will not be repeated. Thus, do not hire a wedding planner that will be experiment on what should be done. Ask for references and call a few at random. Ask about their experiences and make a decision from the feedback.

Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Where to Shop for Prom Dresses in Houston - Our Top Picks!

Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Spring is in the air, and so are the end of the school year activities. If you are a senior in high school, that means two things - prom and graduation. For any girl, the prom dress is arguably the most crucial aspect of the most anticipated day in their high school life. It is therefore imperative that you select an appropriate dress for this day and that you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are wondering where to shop for prom dresses in Houston, here are 10 of our top picks!  

Impression Bridal

Houston Galleria
3005 West Loop South Suite #100
Houston, TX 77027

This store stocks a comprehensive collection of prom dresses and gowns including full figured prom dresses. Their prom dresses are especially exceptional due to their dramatic details, coupled with the sweet presentation of girlish romance. If you are looking for that magnificent dress that will render your prom night memorable, look no further than Impression Bridal in Houston.

M2 Milan Bridal

12938 Willow Chase Dr.
Houston, TX 77070

M2 Milan, otherwise referred to as Mommy dearest is among Houston’s premier formal and bridal houses. A great perk of being a M2 customer? They keep a school list, which will guarantee that you are the only one at the prom wearing your kind of dress, regardless of color.

Panache Bridal & Formal

6978-A F.M. 1960 West Suite A
Houston, Texas 77069

This store has a wide variety of cute prom dresses in dazzling styles and unique designs. If you are looking for a dress that represents your individual style and will make you stand out on the dance floor while showcasing your impeccable taste in fashion, book an appointment at Panache. You won’t be disappointed!

Couture House

26511 I-45 North
The Woodlands, TX 77380

This boutique stocks numerous designer prom gowns for both rental and purchase. The rental gowns are even stamped to ensure your exclusivity in your school. Wonder no more on where to shop for prom dresses in Houston as they have expert alteration departments that will customize your gown to ensure that it’s the perfect fit.

Formal Gallery

Formal Gallery 1712 Hwy 6 South
Houston, TX 77077

Serving Houston since 1980, this premier prom dress shop has the most gorgeous prom dresses that will essentially make you the belle of the ball. They offer special order and layaway service, and even register prom gowns by high school. You can visit their West Houston retail location for prom dresses at affordable prices.

Eesh Formals

15440 Ridge Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77095

This family owned prom dress retailer is committed to spending extra time with you to ensure that you pick the perfect dress for your prom night. Visit them for you special occasion designer dresses like Jovani, La Femme and Sherri Hill among others.


Parvani Vida

7107 Hwy 6 South
Houston, TX 77083

This store has a terrific assortment of prom dresses for you to choose from. From bright colors, bold to sophisticated whites and blacks, they have the perfect dress for you. The creativity and originality demonstrated in their wide selection of prom dresses makes the store one of the most celebrated prom dress stores in Houston.

Camille La Vie

Memorial City Mall
809 Memorial City
Houston, TX 77024

With a location at Memorial City Mall, this fashion boutique lays your worries to rest on where to shop for prom dresses in Houston. You can even complement your gorgeous selection with their dazzling shoes, sparkling jewelry and sensational handbags to match.

Glitz Formal Dress Boutique

20036 Hwy 59 North
Humble TX, 77338

If you are looking for the latest and hottest design of prom dresses and gowns, Glitz is the boutique should be your destination. Located just north of Houston in Humble, they will essentially ensure that your event is unforgettable.


10300 Louetta Rd. #120
Houston, TX 77070

This store stocks a complete line of prom dresses, pageant gowns and evening gowns that can satisfy the requirements of any formal occasion.In addition, Muzzies will register your gown by event ensuring that no one else at your prom will buy the same gown from this store.


Choosing Your Bridal Party - Tips on How to Make the Big Decision

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Houston wedding planning does not have to be a back-breaking affair. After all, as the bride you are entitled to a little help from your closest friends right? One of the sticky subjects that couples have to deal with is choosing the bridal party. This task is not easy as you have to choose people who will be responsible enough to play the roles they are given. As a couple you need to make proper and smart decisions.

Traditionally, bridal parties mainly consisted of relatives to the couple, coworkers or best friends. However, today you find you have too many viable choices to choose from making it hard to narrow down it down to one core group.

If, as a couple, you having issues nailing down your Houston wedding party, there are a few factors that you need to consider to help you make the right choice:


Consider the possibility of any drama between those you are considering to be in your bridal party. If conflicts were to arise, can you trust them to rise above it and support you on your wedding day despite their differences? If the answer is no, you have to narrow it down to only those who are low maintenance, nurturing and supportive.


Depending on your circle of friends and family there is one or two people that will automatically expect to be chosen to the main characters of the bridal party. It may hurt their feelings when they are not chosen for these roles, but if they are supportive, you can give them other, equally important roles such as ushers or bridal party members on your big day.


You need to select people who are sure to not let you down. They need to be in a position to be on time when called upon, maintain presentable demeanor and represent you well to those you love and know.

The best man and maid of honor should be chosen wisely as these are people who you should be able to rely on when you have issues with preparations, as well as have your back in time of need.

Your needs

A factor to consider during your Houston wedding planning is the size of the wedding party that you are comfortable with. What wedding party size will make both of you feel at ease and happy? It is important that you are careful to avoid falling under the pressures and invite more people than you need to be in your bridal party.

Financial wellness

Participating in a wedding can set one back hundreds, even thousands. You need to be sure that your bridal party choices have the financial resources or that you have the extra cash to cover their expenses. There are bridesmaids who are part of more than one bridal party in a year and it could be difficult for them financially.

Make a list of all those who you want to be part of the bridal part and narrow down your choices to fit the above criteria. For your bridal party to be a success, include only those who you want to share your day with and you are at ease with in stressful situations.

Take your time to select your bridal party as most of the time you cannot go back on your word. If you are uncertain about a choice, then ask yourself how well they will fit in with the rest of the party. If they do not fit, or will make things difficult, then you may be better off leaving them out.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Sweet 16 Party Planning: 7 Things You Need

Posted on Thursday, February 12, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

“Sweet sixteen” only comes once, and therefore is a significant moment in every young adult’s life as they usher in adulthood. Sweet 16 party planning may be quite hectic considering that it is not like other parties. However, this post will detail some crucial elements of sweet 16 party planning, so that you are sure to not miss a beat.

1. Venue

The venue dictates what kind of a party you will have. The sweet sixteen decorations, food, look and cost - all depend on the venue. Book a venue that will be flexible enough to accommodate various themes as well as all your invited guests.

2. Themes and Color

Themes and colors can either make or break your sweet sixteen party. Make sure the colors you choose will fit well into your theme. Make sure the colors are festive and compliment each other. You can opt to choose pink and black or pink and green as well as brown and blue or red and black.

Lights are also a key partner to sweet 16 party planning. They can turn your party from boring and dull into an electrifying party. Your event planner can help you make a choice of lighting that will match well with the colors. Have some custom slideshows, as well as lights that project your name on the walls and roofs. Sound activated lights will make your party lively and superb.

3. Right Entertainment

Entertainment is the back bone of the party. You can make your party rock by getting a great sweet sixteen DJ or band. A good DJ will have all the latest hit songs as well as the charisma to keep your partying friends entertained till dawn.

4. The Cake

What is a party without a cake? While you could pick a cake from your local grocery store, a custom-made cake from a bakery will marry with the theme and color of the party.

5. Photography

Do you want to keep your sweet sixteen memories? Then photography should be on your to-do list. Free yourself up to make rather than capture memories by hiring a photographer to take the photos for you.

Today, most of the teens are swiping trendy smartphones that can as well be up to the task. Consider using your smartphone to take the photography as well as take video of the important activities in the party.

6. Grand Entrance

How do you want to enter the party? Do you want your favorite song to be playing? Try out a VIP grand entry complete with red carpet and paparazzi. You will need some jewelry to complement the occasion and look like a real celebrity.

7. After Party

What's next after party? You can opt for hotel rooms. Or rather, have a sleepover at your house complete with more soft drinks, foods and movies.

You will also need a solid plan outlined and followed to the letter. Visit with an event consultant and make the plan together. Remember to account for everything in the plan. Review the plan a week or two before the party date to ensure everything is in place for you to enjoy your perfect day.

Planning a Bridal Shower: Essential Steps to Ensure a Perfect Celebration for the Houston Bride

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

Bridal shower is a joyous occasion for the bride. It is an important time for her as it marks the transition from singlehood to marriage. You want it to be perfect for the bride keeping in mind it is a joyous occasion. Planning of the shower should not be done by the bride’s mother as it is viewed as a gift grab. Therefore as her bride attendant, you should plan it for her keeping her in the loop so you can be sure it meets her expectations.

Create guest list

This is the first step and the bride should help you come up with a list for the shower. It will be ideal to include the future mother in law and the bride’s mother to the list. Additionally, bridesmaids and sisters of the bride and groom should not be left out. 

The other names on the list will depend on the people the bride wants to invite. Be sure that all guests in the guest list are invited to the wedding too. However, it does not mean all the women invited should go as there are brides who like their shower to be small and intimate. A budget is important as it has an impact on the total number of guests invited.

Date determination

Bridal shower date mainly will be determined by the availability of the guests to attend the shower as well as the bride. The best period to have the shower will be between three months and two weeks before the wedding. The shower should fit well with the schedule of the bride as she is still preparing for her wedding.


A theme makes the bridal shower more interesting so it is important to have one. This helps in making planning easier as it guides you when you are choosing invitation cards and decorations. The theme should be in line with the gifts the bride will be asking for.


As you have already settled on the theme, then making a choice for invitations will not be hard. If there are none that are working for you, then you can opt to make your own invitations. Just be sure to include all the relevant information that is location, time and date and indicate the theme too. Have them mailed out at least two weeks before the shower so that the guests can have enough time to make arrangements.

Select food and decoration

At a themed bridal shower, the favors and decorations are very important as they help to set the theme mood. Food should be part of the theme however; if this is not possible then the presentation of the same should be tied to the theme. 

There is no problem if guests are served full diner or lunch or snacks. No matter the theme, it is important that there is a cake.


This is easy and in most cases consists of bridal games. Music in the bridal shower is a permanent reminder fine though it should not be the main thing. It should simply be heard in the background. Games should help the guests interact and get to know each other better. If there are prizes, they should fit the theme too.

On the bridal shower day, have a camera to take photos so the bride can have lasting memories of the fun she had before she got married. Ensure that you capture the faces of all the people present for the bride’s scrapbook

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Why You Should Attend a Trunk Show Before Your Houston Wedding

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

The dress. There may not be any other element for a wedding, besides the groom, as important as the dress. This is the one item of clothing which a bride may obsess over, will dream about and will think back on long after the wedding vows have been exchanged and husband and wife have danced the night away.

Finding the perfect dress can stress out a lot of brides. Heading to the large stores, listening to all of the other brides there, listening to the sales associates and trying to have a clear head can be overwhelming. Houston Trunk shows are a great way to have a private viewing and can make planning a Houston wedding feel like planning a princess wedding.

What Are Trunk Shows?

A trunk show is exactly what you think it would be. This is where designers come, with their collection in tow, in trunks. Designers and brides meet, the lucky girls are able to try on designs, which may not be in the local shop yet, and fashion feedback is exchanged. Trunk shows are often held at department stores or bridal boutiques. Houston wedding planners will have the inside scoop on which designers are showing where.

A Princess Experience

Back in the day, trunk shows may have been the way that high-end brides found their dress. Even today, high society does not have to go to a shop, the shop comes to them. Designers and stylists beg to be in front of Kate Middleton or Kate Hudson, helping create a magic moment in the form of a dress. A trunk show is like a private princess experience.

One of the top benefits is that the bride and the designer meet. Many times, there are dresses which you may only like part of. When meeting with the designer, it is possible that the designer will be willing to custom tailor the dress to the girl. Not only are you now able to find the best dress for your Houston wedding, but it is custom.

Additionally, there are many great wedding stylists on hand at trunk shows. If a bride has any worries about hiding certain features or showing off others, the stylist will be able to point her in the right direction. This knowledge helps make a bride look and feel her best for the big day.

Attending a Trunk Show

When planning your Houston wedding, it can be tempting to get everyone involved. When heading to a trunk show, refrain from inviting everyone. Go to the trunk show with only a few select people. You do not want there to be too many opinions flying around. Additionally, keeping this more of an intimate experience allows it to feel more special and allows the designer and bride a better chance to speak.

When You Have Found The One

Trunk shows are not about pushing the sale. However, many of these dresses are for sale. At trunk shows, there is often a special discount, which can be applied when a bride wants to make the purchase on the spot. If you have found the right dress and are 100% certain, ask for the discount and you could get the right dress at the right price, right from the designer.

If you have not found the dress at the trunk show, do not fret. You may have found a great veil or pair of shoes. Take business cards from the designers you like and let the experience sink in. The right dress is out there.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

To go, or not to go? The Benefits of Attending a Bridal Show Extravaganza in Houston

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015, by Patricia Reyna

January and February are big months for bridal shows. Perhaps this is due to all of the couples who have gotten engaged over the December holidays. With all this love in the air, it is time to find the right vendor, dress, reception hall and entertainment. Here are the top ten reasons to head to The Houston Bridal Extravaganza and other bridal shows like it.

Bridal Shows Help You Think of Everything

Seeing all the vendors in one place can help you see all of the details of wedding planning at once. You may be really excited about the dress and the band, but forgot about the isle runner and the napkins. At a bridal expo you will be able to see everything, so be sure to take notes.

Now is the Time to Network

At The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you will meet many great wedding planners in Houston. These are the folks in the know who can secure the best venue and get you the best deal. Chat up wedding planners in Houston and see who you have the best chemistry with.

Find Great Planning Tools

A great tip when planning a wedding is to put together a wedding binder. This is the place to keep every business card, magazine clipping and brochure. At the Houston Bridal Extravaganza, you will walk home with tons of literature and DVD's to help you make an informed choice.

See the Movement in the Dress

Usually, fashion shows are a sea of white on the runway. This year, at The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you will be treated to the addition of the South Asian Fashion Show. Dresses in a myriad of colors will fill the runway with vibrant joy.

Get Away Without Going Away

Many wedding planners in Houston are available to help you plan a destination wedding. From Hawaii to Paris, you will be able to think about getting away without having to go see these places before the wedding day thanks to travel agents in attendance.

Find Out the Hidden Cost

In magazines, it often says price available upon request. One of the things which great wedding planners in Houston will be able to help you with is the budget. At The Houston Bridal Extravaganza you get to meet planners and vendors. When you meet with these folks in person you can get the low down on any of the hidden wedding costs.

Consider Unique Wedding Ideas

It is easy to search Pinterest for exactly what you want. At a bridal show, you may see things you never realized were out there. This is the place to be open to ideas. You never know what some of the creative wedding planners in Houston will have to show you.

Sampling Everything

With wedding planning you may think about sampling cakes, but at a wedding expo you can sample everything. From different wedding planners in Houston to the varied styles of photographers, everyone on hand will be ready to show you samples of their work.

Be Inspired

Even if you do not find what you are looking for on the day of the event, you will find lots of inspiration. Make this a fun day spent with your bridesmaids without the pressure to make any permanent decisions. A bridal expo is one big day of window shopping.

A Beautiful Beginning

This is your first step in a dream day. Make an appointment with us and we will show you how to make everything a reality. Attending a bridal show gives you the chance to see why we are one of the top wedding planners in Houston.

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Looking for an event planning company in Houston to lend a helping hand with your upcoming nuptials? At Per Se Events, we truly understand the significance of this important event in your life, and would love to the opportunity to speak to you about how we can help make it truly unforgettable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

10 Festive Ways to Ring in the New Year in Houston

Posted on Monday, December 29, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

It is almost here. We are in the last days on 2014 and it will soon be time to ring in the New Year in Houston. New Years Eve in HoustonScrambling to find plans now that the Christmas celebrations have come to an end? There are many different events scheduled throughout the city that will give you the opportunity to Ring in the New Year in Houston. Or, you can plan your own festive New Year’s event for your friends and family. Either way, you have options. Following are where places to go for Houston New Years parties.

New Year’s Celebrations in Houston are scheduled for children and adults in venues across the city. From the beginning of the day to long past midnight, you will be able to find the perfect venue for a festive New Year’s celebration in Houston. We have found several that will delight you, your family and friends.

  1. New Year’s Eve Celebration – for the kids and adults at Sugarland, near Houston will celebrate the incoming year with a Children’s Celebration at 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., with a fireworks finale. Adult celebrations, begin at 10:00 p.m., go until 1:00 a.m., and include a midnight show in 3D.

  2. Rockin’ New Year’s Noon Bash for Children – Beginning at 11:45 a.m. at the Children’s Museum of Houston, this celebration includes many other events scheduled during the holiday season that will keep your children entertained and engaged.

  3. Fox Hollow New Year’s Eve – will go from Dusk ‘til Dawn for the brave of heart and festive of spirit, this event is located on Nett Street in Houston.

  4. The Rose, Gold and Glitter New Year’s Eve – event will have you ringing in the New Year with complimentary hor d’ oeuvres and champagne at midnight, giving you the opportunity to ring in the New Year at the Vibe Lounge, Houston, TX.

  5. J. Black’s New Year’s Eve 2015 – offers food and festivities at J. Blacks Feel Good Kitchen and Lounge in Houston.

  6. The Empire Nightclub – offers a night of Decadence for New Year’s Eve, where you can dance your way into 2015 with live entertainment in multiple party areas.

  7. New Year’s Eve with the Level One Band – at the Music Café at Dosey Doe’s in Houston. Ring in your New Year in a historic venue with your family and friends and enjoy excellent food and festivities while celebrating this New Year’s event.

  8. A Royal New Year’s Eve Ball - is venue where you can party like Royalty. With access to the Foyer, Ballroom and pool area of the Hotel Derek, you can ring in the New Year in the opulent surroundings of one of Houston’s finest Hotels.

  9. New Year’s Eve Gatsby Ball – at the Ritz Ultra Lounge gives you an evening in an upscale environment that will take you back to the days of Gatsby and the roaring twenties. Kick up your heels at the Ritz Carlton, Houston and ring in your New Year in style.

  10. The Cirque New Year’s Eve Gala 2015 – offers a venue at the GAGE Lounge Midtown. For an evening where you can celebrate the ringing in the New Year in style in a festive entertainment throughout the last evening of 2014 into the first morning of 2015.

Whatever you decide to ring in your New Year and as you can see there is much to do in Houston. Be safe, enjoy the season as we leave one year, and enter the next. If you decide to stay home and have your own party, many of these events can be downsized and used right in your own home.

6 Christmas Party Activities That Are Sure to Entertain

Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

There is simply no better time to be around family and friends than around the holidays. While most get-togethers are just ad hoc affairs, it doesn't hurt to plan a few activities to get everyone in a festive mood. Here are just a half-dozen suggestions for some things to do at your next Christmas gathering:

  1. Fill the Stocking

    Best done outdoors or in a room with lots of space, separate guests into several teams and have them compete to fill up a Christmas stocking with small easily dropped candies using only a spoon.

    We recommend jellybeans, M&Ms, Skittles, or peppermints. Teammates trade off the spoon after every successful “drop” into the stocking.

  2. Christmas Carol Charades

    Have you ever tried to act out Jingle Bells? Surprisingly difficult at first –– this game gets far more competitive and fun as the names become more obscure. 

    It is also a great way to include the kids as they all know the names to the most famous carols. Start off easy and save “Adeste Fideles” for the end.

  3. The Photo Booth

    Admittedly, this takes a little effort to set up but you will almost always find a willing photographer – otherwise get Dad to do it.

    All you need are a few props – we recommend lots of tinsel, Santa hats, and a fake reindeer. 

    Set up a background in an area a little out of the way to take some spectacular Christmastime snapshots.

  4. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

    A seasonal spin on the old pin the tail on the donkey game, this activity is great fun for the kids but can get a little out of control later in the evening when the “eggnog-inspired” adults want to take part.

    One word of advice, forget the actual “pin” and go with a magnet-backed nose instead.

  5. The Cheesy Christmas Tie Game

    Have everyone bring their cheesiest holiday-themed tie. Divide guests into teams of two – a man and woman please – and have them compete against the other teams to see who can “tie the tie” the quickest.

    Both teammates must do it for the win. One word of warning, though ... you'll be surprised at how much better the women are at this than the men.

  6. Name that Carol

    At the beginning of the party, provide a list to every person with a few well-chosen words (not the title) from a multitude of Christmas carols.

    There are plenty of excellent lists on the Internet. Later on, give away a trinket or two to the person who has correctly named the most song titles.

For more creative ideas for your Houston holiday party planning, please visit us at Per Se Events. We can be found online at or reached directly at 281.236.4708.

10 Great Houston Venues for the Company Holiday Party

Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, by Patricia Reyna

Is your company looking for a great place to have a holiday party in Houston? Not surprisingly, there are some great venues for that company holiday party here in the nation's fourth largest city.

Houston party planning is easy and stress-free during corporate events using one of these great venues.

Skyline Room at The Houston Hilton

1600 Lamar
Houston, TX, 77010

The Houston Hilton Skyline Room can accommodate intimate groups to convention extravaganzas. The beautiful skywalks, waterfall and event planning personnel make for a care-free holiday event.

Seasons 52 Houston

842 West Sam Houston Pkwy N
Houston, TX 77024

Yes, this is part of a chain, but worth mentioning is the delightful American Cuisine served in an intimate setting. The price is right for the level of food choices. Free valet parking in the city center of Houston is valuable consideration for a company having a Houston holiday party.

BRIO Tuscan Grill

12808 Queensbury Ln #100
Houston, TX 77024

Another wonderful Houston City Center choice for a company holiday party is BRIO Tuscan Grill. The BRIO dining room offers an intimate seating venue of 30. The choices of menu and style of serving give this venue an extra touch. There is no minimum of food or beverage. Features food that is authentic in the Tuscan style including grilled steaks, chops and seafood.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

5061 Westheimer Rd, Suite 8060
Houston, TX 77056

Custom menus include fine seafood and steak. Couple the superb menu with beverage service and a satisfying company holiday party. The Del Frisco sales and event planners make your holiday party seamless. Dining rooms surrounded by the glass-enclosed wine cellar add to the luxury of the dining experience for your Houston company party.

The Grove

1611 Lamar St
Houston, TX 77010

A new and appealing addition to company holiday party venues. The Grove has three exquisitely inviting private dining rooms with glass from floor to ceiling. The rooms accommodate from 30 to 300 diners. Decoratively urban and green in a natural setting overlooking Discovery Park, The Grove is a wonderfully refreshing venue for your Houston holiday party.

Buca di Beppo- Buffalo Speedway

5192 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77005

For a Houston holiday party, the Buca di Beppo restaurant can handle the intimate family style dinner party with finesse. Pictures of Italian American celebrities, period music from Italian Americans like Frank Sinatra. Enjoy the energetic atmosphere during an intimate company party.

The Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Hotel

909 Texas St Suite 106F
Houston, TX 77002

The heart of Houston holds a 1913 historic ballroom that accommodates up to 400 guests. An adjoining room, the Empire Room that accommodates up to 120 guest for a more intimate affair. Sambuca Catering provides meal and beverage choices for your holiday party.

*17 restaurant, the Veranda at The Sam Houston Hotel

1117 Prairie St
Houston, TX 77002

Accommodating to 120 guests, *17 Veranda has a tented roof, central air and located in central Houston. A distinctive and lively venue option for the corporate holiday party, this award winning *17 restaurant creates the menu and the semi-outdoors creates the atmosphere for your event.

Magnolia Ballroom

715 Franklin
Houston, TX 77002

The Magnolia Ballroom is located on Franklin on the square in the historic district of Houston. You are transformed to a bygone era on the grounds of it, as the venue boasts only one event booking at a time meaning personal attention by the staff for your event. Imagine the leaded glass, balcony, fireplace and elegant decorations of the Magnolia as you mingle with your guest, up to 250, during your holiday party.

Gremillion & Co.

2501 Sunset Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006

The gallery is a distinctive conversation piece of its own. It boast a kitchen, outdoor atrium and sculpture garden with your rental price. Combine your catering and the contemporary artwork, and your guests will be talking the whole year about your holiday party.

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